Makeovers for living – Port Macquarie region

Try this simple test. Take a few minutes to critically look at every room in your home. What are you looking for? Things that are not quite right. Things you know that could be improved. If you start writing a list you are discovering that the most important spaces in your life could be improved. For help and advice take advantage of the experience of an award-winning interior designer / stylist /decorator  –  contact DESiGNiNG Divas today to see how we can help you change a space into a place…Your place. For you, your family and friends to enjoy. It’s probably a lot quicker and simpler than you envisage. Below are a few photos which show the dramatic difference a few simple design fixes can make to spaces. If you are thinking of selling your property be sure to engage a real estate agent who understand the value of ‘home staging for sale‘.